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My first novel, It's Elementary, is available in paperback and as an ebook.   :)
It's Elementary, Too is finally complete. The release date is as of yet to be determined, but I'll announce that as soon as possible.

Here is a look at the continuation of It's Elementary:

What happens when personal and spiritual confusion lead to intimacy apathy? Most often, it's the breakdown and discombobulation of your primary relationship.

It’s Elementary, Too follows Jessica and Victoria through the emotional and psychological aftermath of a recent school shooting. As an elementary school teacher, Jessica was held hostage, her life threatened, and she witnessed the assailant assassinated before her. Initially suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and survivor’s guilt, Jessica wages a war against her perceived loss of value. Her denial of emotional struggles eventually spawns even greater issues.

Victoria’s abandonment and rejection from her employer and society threaten her self-efficacy. Maintaining the act as stoic protector of Jessica and their relationship weighs heavy on Victoria’s emotional stability. After numerous perceived rejections, Victoria turns her back on teaching and her life in Austin, Texas. She turns to her second love, photography, and finds a separate life path full of inviting promises.

Studies show most primary relationships falter after traumatic life events. This story examines the gradual emotional and intimacy decline and the possible resurrection of Jessica and Victoria’s relationship. The ultimate question: is love enough?

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FYI: It's Elementary, Too is  complete. Woot! Looks like it might be an early 2015 release -- I'll keep you posted. :)


The third excerpt of the continuation of It's Elementary, is now available. Check it out here. Let me know how you like the short pieces. I always love hearing from people who've read my stories. :)


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